Frequently Asked Questions

We will aim to answer all Applications within 3-5 Days.

Our Commission rates are TV/Film/Stage - 20%
Commercial & Modelling - 25%
Own work - 10%
Any work £100 & Under - 20%

We pay all our Clients within 60 days of receiving your invoice via the post.

If the Child has a Bank Account we will pay the child , However if the parents wants the money going into there account to pay back any Travel / Chaperone fees then that's absolutely fine but the remainder of wages must go to the child.

All Children Under 4 will be submitted via Email submissions, Direct emails, Casting networks, KCCP. Over 4 will be submitted on Spotlight also.

Little Allstars is very well established agency. We get work from Feature Films, Films, TV Commercials, Modelling Shoots, Corporate, TV, etc

The majority of Castings I would say 60% London 30% Manchester and 10% Other such as Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle.

No you don't get any travel to attend a casting , however 1/10 castings are paid

Very few Castings are paid, the ones that are paid will range from £10-£20

A Pencil is 50% Confirmed job. This might get confirmed or it might go with someone else.
If you get pencilled for a job for set dates you must stick them in your diary as it might confirm into a CONFIRMED PAID JOB!

All payments can vary , dependant on the Job and Client. For example, TV Commercial daily Childs fee could be from £100-£200 Where as TV (BBC Rates) daily Childs fee can be around £60-65

Yes we do. As long as you have a valid passport and the job if shooting abroad then we will submit you for the work.

Then we will contact you and let you know. However anyone that leaves us will pay a higher commision rate due to extra work being made to read you back onto our system , banking etc, which will be 30% for TV/Film, 35% Commercial (from the usual 20-25%)

Yes all Parents will sign a Contract before we start working with you to ensure we are all fully covered.

Sole means you are solely represented by one agency and not allowed anymore agents.
None Sole means you can be with as many agents as you like

As a courtesy to us we do ask you give us at least 30 days written notice.

Everyone is different but ideally recommend every 9-12 months and less for babies and toddlers.